Monday, October 18, 2010

Angel's First Quilling Project

My first quilling project is a rather extravagant one. This is my second project, actually; The first one went to my foster mom as a Christmas gift in 2005. I loved it so much, I had to make one for myself. I began this project at the beginning of October, and had it completed in time to give for Christmas.

The lily petals and leaves were all cut and formed by hand. The only part of this project that is not quilled or using quilling paper, is the babies' breath, which was created using a flower punch. I pressed the centers in using a stylus and a piece of craft foam. And of course, a floral scene just wouldn't be complete without a touch of Mother Nature's creatures. You can see a dragonfly in one corner, and a bee in the other.

XXX, Angel

My first quilling project

My first attempt at quilling ! :) (by Fab)

I can't remember what attracted me at first to quilling I just remember I saw it somewhere and thought I could do that as I enjoy rolling paper between my fingers.

This is my first attempt at quilling, I remember being so proud of it ! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I Began

I first discovered quilling when I ventured into a stamp store I had recently heard about. I was intrigued as soon as I noticed the quilling section. There were only a few simple samples of what could be made using some of the kits.

Upon looking more closely, I noticed a small paper weight with a quilled rose inside. I knew this was something I could figure out. I absorbed what I had seen into my mind, returned home with only a few packages of paper and a quilling tool, and begin my journey, with no book to aid me.